Travel: South East Asia

I have been incredibly lucky in my life not just to life in South East Asia, but also to travel extensively within it. Over the years I have explored Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. This is far from all that South East Asia has to offer, but it has given me countless amazing experiences, and inspired a whole lot of writing. 

I’ve compiled all of my South East Asia writing here, spanning the years of my travel and explorations in the region. I hope you find it useful!


Vietnam was easily my favourite country in South East Asia. I had so much fun, and so many little adventures, along the way while Dean and I were travelling the length of the country, it was such a fantastic experience. I wrote a fair bit about our travel in Vietnam, so have a browse through the articles below!


Thailand was another favourite spot in South East Asia. As a country it has so much to offer that we actually returned on several occasions during our travels around the region just to attempt (and fail) to see all there is to see in Thailand.


When I was 12 years old, Indonesia became more than a faraway place to me. It became my home, and remained as such for the next four years. Over the years, I’ve travelled back now and then to better explore Indonesia, but I’ve barely scratched the surface. No doubt I will be back again regularly into the future. 

Everywhere Else

For various reasons, lacking internet and motivation likely high among them, I didn’t write as much about all the other countries that we went to. So I’m just going to pop those articles in here along with the ‘general’ South East Asia articles that I wrote along the way. Enjoy!