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Sun-Kissed and Territory Made Markets

There’s always an argument to be made for local arts and the support of local artists. As the child of two people who tried, and failed, to nut out something of a living with handmade items, I know that the road is hard. So I’m working harder to figure out how to support the people around me who are letting their creativity carry them along. I say I’m working harder, because I’m trying to balance my wish to support local artists, with my own financial limitations. It’s easy to say that you’re eager to support locals, only to blanch when you see the price tag, and I know I have been that person before. But I’m working to see the hard work that’s gone into these creations, and how much value they have as something made from love, often more so than profit. Like everything in my life, it’s a work in progress.


This week, that belief led me to the Territory Made Markets, a local artisan market that runs once a month at the Botanic Gardens. Just in case you weren’t aware already, I love the gardens. My parents actually got married in there, so it’s always had a special place for me. The Territory Made Markets is held on the lawns, and there was certainly a lot on offer.

From gorgeous fabrics and handmade cushions, to stunning reworked furniture and a heap in-between. This market is definitely a place I’d like to have a long look around again in the future. It’s so great to see to many artists and creators out in force showing off their work, and I’m happy to be able to enjoy the variety on offer. Dean and I also discovered, and taste-tested, the wonder that is the cronut (croissant + donut) from Alleycats, a local patisserie. Ours was white chocolate and blueberry, and it was absolutely divine! It went so fast I didn’t get a photo of it at all! Oh well, all the more reason to try it again, maybe this time at the actual cafe.


Now, my main reason for being at the market though was to pick up the newest addition to my ongoing office redecoration: a sun-kissed pot. These adorable pots are handmade by some local Darwin girls from cement and a lick of paint. They come with cute little succulents or cacti (I choose a succulent), and I know they’re going to look stunning on my desk. I actually saw them first on instagram, and just knew that I had to have one. I’ve deliberately left my new pot out of the photos below. You’ll have to wait until I post the office redecoration (it’s coming I promise) to see it. All up though, the Territory Made Markets weren’t a bad way to spend part of a Sunday, and if nothing else I’ll be back for those cronuts.

territory-made-3 territory-made-5

This post originally appeared on, the pre-evolved version of Maps And Mandalas. I’ve republished it here with its original date because I love it that much.

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