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Looking Back On A Month In The Philippines


So, I’ve been missing from the blog for… nearly two months now. This isn’t the longest I’ve been away of late, and I really have missed writing, but I’ve just reached a point where putting out any kind of regular writing has been way too much for my brain to consider.


Well, I actually have some pretty amazing news.

We are back in Australia!

After a few months wondering around the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia Dean and I have headed back to the land of sunshine, and have been crazy busy putting all of our evidence together for our next big project: Dean’s partners visa.

Philippines Philippines

We’re applying online in the coming days, and it will be such a weight of my chest when it is finally done. This visa has been simultaneously the hardest, and most rewarding thing I have ever done in my entire life. It has been a struggle, with roadblocks all along that have stopped us in the short-term, but ultimately led to us being stronger as a team. If anyone from the Australian government is reading this, I love my boyfriend, and I want to keep him here forever! Haha.

In the meantime, we’ve been moving around Darwin spending time with my family and trying to set up for the future… But more on that later.

At the same time, I’ve been working quietly away at the photographs I took during our trip. Not surprisingly, there’s a lot to see, but let’s start at the beginning with the Philippines.

Philippines Philippines

What was the Philippines like? Beautiful beaches, lovely people, gorgeous surrounds, but there was something missing. In fact, if I’m being honest the Philippines really didn’t connect with me (or Dean) at the level that would see me eager to go back soon. Of course we only saw a small area of this amazing country, and I’m certainly interested in getting that second impression, but perhaps we’ll have a cooling off period first. But photographically, this place had lots going for it.


My favourite photo from the trip? If you can believe it’s this one. Not because of the photo, which is cute in itself, but because of the effort we had to go to capture it. I saw the puppy and immediately announced I would capture a photo of it. Dean then obligingly knelt on the ground and baited the little guy with grass that may or may not have been delicious treats. All the while, a local lady with a front row seat to these two crazy white people had the time of her life giggling away and probably trying to figure out what we were doing. Although the photo is nice, it’s the story I’ll remember.

This post originally appeared on, the pre-evolved version of Maps And Mandalas. I’ve republished it here with its original date because I love it that much.

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