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Home Again To Melbourne

It has been so good to be back home in Melbourne. Yes, I miss my parents like crazy, along with the rest of my Darwin family and friends, and (let’s be honest) some warmer weather would be nice, but it’s just fantastic to be back with Dean in our little spot here in Melbourne. I spent the first week back in recovery mode from my practical, and then when the weekend rolled around I decided it was high time we hit the streets again, back to our old haunt at the Queen Victoria markets.

We briefly thought we might use the opportunity to do some fruit and vegetable shopping, but in the end we only manage to sample a few of the fresh foods, and grab some fruit for the road. Gozleme is a welcome addition to my food pyramid after six weeks without, and the spicy lamb borek goes down just as smoothly. The warmer weather crowds have definitely arrived at the markets, and it’s so tight in some sections both Dean and I feel claustrophobia at our necks. Dean has the advantage, being taller than the average crowd-member, and he always makes a path for me to follow.

A trip to Queen Victoria Markets wouldn’t be complete without a coffee to mark the occasion of my return, and we make it a Melbourne trifecta by observing many a painted wall on our journey too and from the markets. Oh, and we come across (or breeze by really, I only just got the picture trying to keep up with Dean), this little pop-up cafe in an old Airstream. Very Melbourne!

And in others news, I was super happy and honoured to have been published recently in the Charles Darwin University magazine Flycatcher. The puts out three editions a year, and my piece “A Love Letter To Cycling” was published in the recent Build-Up Edition. I was so close to catching the launch party in Darwin, but in the end I had to make do with a coffee on my balcony on a cool Saturday morning, reading my own words in print, with a custom illustration to go along with it. How exciting!


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