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Oce And Dean’s 100 Geocache Challenge

Geocache Challenge #DeanOceDo100Geocaches

Dean and I have officially left the warm summer shores of Australia and will soon land in the middle of a frosty winter in England. We’ve got our walking boots, our flasks of tea, and the wide open English land to explore.

So, we’ve decided to set ourselves a geocache challenge. England is ours to explore for the next three weeks, and in that time we’re challenging ourselves to make 100 geocache finds. Considering that since starting geocaching in mid-2014 we’ve made about 290 finds, it’s going to be a pretty big effort, but we’re up for the challenge.

100 geocaches.

That means rural caches, urban caches, micro caches and big caches. We’re talking the secret hidden ones, the crawl in the undergrowth ones, the ‘am I in the right place’ ones, the ‘oh it’s right in front of us’ ones, the ‘wow that was clever’ ones. After two years of dodging snakes, spiders and god knows what else in the Australian bush on geocaching adventures, I frankly am looking forward to a more hospitable environment for what I hope will be a great geocache challenge.

This is a pretty big challenge, and I’m endeavouring to catalogue our 100 geocache finds on instagram and later on here as well. I’ve decided to use a personalised hashtag to get that done:


Now you can follow along as well on my instagram account. Yeah it’s a long hashtag, but I didn’t want anyone to do something similar so I had to make it unique!

Now, although I will post every one of our 100 geocaches (if we succeed) on the blog, I may not post them all on instagram. Why? Well to achieve that 100 we’re going to need to do a few big geocaching days, where we knock out several geocaches, probably on trails etc. You might get bored 😉

Still, when I post on instagram, I’ll do my best to note the geocache code, with a spoilers tag, just in case you happen to be in the area as well.

Geocache Challenge #DeanOceDo100Geocaches

Update: We failed.

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