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Celebrating Sunday Morning Beach Walks

If you live in a place like Darwin and you want to get some exercise with even a minimum comfort, getting up early in the morning is a necessity. Even Sundays, a day universally set aside for sleeping in, requires that early rise to make the most of the very narrow window of slightly cooler temperatures present then. For someone who does enjoy sleeping it, there’s a tragic universal irony for me. Balancing my want to exercise with my need to sleep is not easy.

sunday-beach-walk-1 sunday-beach-walk-3

But I soldier on, because even though the sweat is pouring down my back, and even though I have terrible blisters from walking in the heat, the morning light is stunning and the ocean feels cool on my feet. One day, I might not live in this blistering little town at the top of Australia. One day I might dream of walking along these beaches in the staggering 7am heat while I’m freezing my butt off in the middle of an unfamiliar winter.

sunday-beach-walk-4 sunday-beach-walk-5

So for now there’s nothing wrong with waking up bright and early to sweat it out on Darwin’s enormous Casuarina beach with a friend. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with chilling at the beachside cafe with a dirty chai and an ocean breeze, with just one day of the weekend left to relax in. Sundays, early morning or no, are a great thing to celebrate.

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