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What I Missed About Darwin

It’s always nice to come back to somewhere that you once called home, particularly if that home is your original hometown, as Darwin is for me. While I’m not a Darwin girl anymore, there will always be a little part of me that relishes the tropical life, and longs to wade into the humid air and soak up the colour and the tastes of Australia’s northern frontier.

So, it has been lovely to spend some time in Darwin recently, visiting family and getting reacquainted with that old familiar town. I realised as I was in amongst it there there were some thing that I’d really, really missed. Now, I’m not talking about the obvious here, like my family. I miss them everyday, which is the curse of anyone who chooses to pursue a life outside of their hometown bubble. Instead I’m talking about those little things, the things perhaps you don’t realise you’re missing until they’re right in front of you again. So I thought I’d do a quick round up.

The Coast

Definitely one of the biggest things I missed about living in Darwin compared to Melbourne is having the ability to be by the seaside in just a few minutes. The coast in Darwin, while not great for swimming, is still beautiful and paired with those gorgeous tropical sunrises and sunsets… well it’s easy to see how you could miss it. Going from living around the corner from a stunning stretch of coastline in Darwin, to a few hours from the beach has been a hard adjustment, so it was nice to soak up the ocean breezes for a few days during my Darwin visit.

The Light

There’s something about the light in Darwin that I just can’t put my finger on. It’s just… different. Maybe it’s that the rays catch on all the humidity floating around in the air, or maybe the sun is just brighter and more vibrant in the North, but as a photographer I just love the way the light falls in Darwin. Luckily, my mum is always on hand to showcase just how stunning that light is by posing for me!

The Plants

I’ve been a plant-loving person for a few years now and while succulents are very much my jam now that I’m in Melbourne, I have always had an interest in the tropical plants. I have a small and weedy collection myself, but they don’t hold a candle to the tropical plants bursting from every garden bed in Darwin. It was delightful during my trip to spend time wandering in my Mum’s inner city garden retreat, and my Dad’s little bush oasis. Wish I could bring that to my little Melbourne house!

The Markets

Oh wow, Darwin’s markets. I’ve been a market girl for most of my life. My parents started a market stall when I was a baby selling tie-dye baby clothes, and it’s really only escalated from there. I feel at home in the markets, and while I love the Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne, there’s a certain vibe in a Darwin market that I just haven’t found anywhere else. It’s the loud, sweaty, delicious chaos of the place full of stunning smells and drool-inducing flavours to sample. Whenever I come back to Darwin, the markets are always one of my first ports of call.

The Food

This is in the same thread as the markets, but I think it deserves its own entry. In the lead up to my trip to Darwin I started to plan for the foods that I wanted to eat. I’ll be honest, there were a few. Things I had been craving in my pregnancy, and things that just reminded me of being home in general. I might have only had a short time in Darwin, but I intended to make the most of the delicious meals (even though half the time I forgot to photograph them because I was so busy eating!).

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