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Sunny Winter Picnics

If there’s one thing that I’m happy to say about myself, it’s that I’m definitely a fan of picnics. There’s something so refreshing about enjoying some delicious food in the great outdoors that just appeals to me. Delightful snacking on a backdrop of picnic rugs and sunshine, and (these days) the sound of a baby squealing in excitement and birds and passing dogs.

Now that we live in Melbourne we’ve had to adapt to embracing the winter picnic as well, lest we deprive ourselves of picnics for the majority of the year. So, providing that the sun is out, you’ll find we’re happy to whip up a cheese board (classic Melbourne) and head out to the nearest patch of grass for a chin wag and a cracker chew with the rest of them. Luckily we have friends who are available to come and hang in beautiful winter parks on sunny days like these, and who happy (or at least with minimal complaining) wield my camera to take some really nice family portraits.

Also if I could just draw your attention briefly to the cheeseboard pictured above. I feel like I have reached peak Melbourne when I can whip together a cheeseboard that looks like that in a 10-minute frenzied run around Coles and a 5-minute assembly while on my knees in a public park. These are the kinds of adult skills I feel put me in good stead for my general life!

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