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Morning Among The Great Ocean Road Redwoods

Morning at the Great Ocean Road Redwoods

Now, you may already know that myself, along with Dean, his mum Shirley and baby Oscar, have just came back from an amazing trip down the Great Ocean Road. I will be sharing a full article on that trip, and some tips on doing the Great Ocean Road with a baby, but for now I just wanted to share a few photos from one of my favourite places in the Great Ocean Road region: The Great Ocean Road Redwoods.

I’ve written about the Great Ocean Road Redwoods before, and I’ve tried to explain just what I love about this magical location. There’s a certain feeling under the canopy, a smallness and yet also a great connection to the larger world. I’m probably getting a bit abstract now, but honestly it’s the strangest and most lovely feeling.

There were a few people wandering the redwoods with us on that particular day, our voices echoing around the trunks and being eaten up by the gentle bubbling of the creek below. The ground, spongy and damp, muffled our footprints as we walked, necks craning to see the canopy above. While the space is small, the enormity of the trees seems to magnify it, and you almost feel you could spend all day wandering under their shade. The morning light cascading through the trees is like magic, and it catches those small particles in the air like fairy dust, spinning them this way despite the air feeling still and quiet.

Visiting there with Oscar, is something I had wanted to do the moment I fell pregnant, and the entire time I just felt this immense peace. Yes I think if the world fell apart tomorrow, I’d be building my new society under the watchful eye of the Great Ocean Road Redwoods.

Standing under the Great Ocean Road Redwoods
Family Portrait inside the Great Ocean Road Redwoods

Morning light Great Ocean Road Redwoods

Among the giant Great Ocean Road Redwoods
Baby and Dad inside the Great Ocean Road Redwoods
Tips for Photographers
Last time I was at the Great Ocean Road Redwoods I remember being super annoyed that I didn’t have a tripod and that I had brought a lens that was only f/4 aperture. Under the canopy it is really, really dark so without the right equipment I was having to attempt to repair the poor lighting in post production, which meant my photos, while nice, were a bit lacklustre.

This time, I came prepared. While I didn’t have a tripod (hey, I brought a baby, there are limits) I did have my 24mm f/2.8 lens, which is an absolute workhorse and basically lives on my camera 24/7. That, paired with the fact that it was April and not August so the sun was still bright and beautiful, meant I was able to get some stunning photos that really capture the Great Ocean Road Redwoods in all of their wonder and glory.

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