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Eating Our Way Through South Melbourne Market

Markets have always been a great love of mine, and though I remain loyal to my favourite Darwin markets, the Victoria market scene is hardly lacking. So, one sunny weekend, we decided to check out a new contender (for us anyway): the South Melbourne Market.

If there’s one thing that I love to do when I’m travelling and checking out new places, it is eat. In fact, let’s be honest, I love to eat even if I’m not travelling or checking out new places. Food has always been a big part of my life and my family traditions, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I was a total butter ball as a kid and teenager. These days, I’m still fond of the occasional indulgence, when the time is right. As it happened, the time was right just recently when Dean and I went to check out the South Melbourne Market.

From our old haunt in Fitzroy (we’ve moved now) we jumped a tram and took a walk to the South Melbourne Market. As Melbourne markets go, this one didn’t look like much on approach. It’s in a pretty unassuming spot, and doesn’t have nearly the size and bulk the Queen Victoria Market brings to the table. But on food alone, South Melbourne Market blows all other Victoria markets out of the water.

Do not take it lightly when I say that the South Melbourne Market is a foodie paradise. Anyone who eats prior to coming to this market is making a grave error. Upon approach, the smell of the market was one of the first things apparent to us. Gently wafting in on the morning breeze, the sound of baking goodies, sweet treats, coffee and the light aroma of seafood and cured meats. It was more than enough to pique our interest, so we headed inside.

The South Melbourne Market is definitely not the biggest market that we’ve been to in Victoria, but so many things crammed into such a tight space meant that it took more than one wander through to see it all. There’s produce shops and florists, a really wonderful international foods shop (where we found all of Dean’s favourite stuff from England, reasonably priced), and a places for general knick-knacks. The South Melbourne Market also delivered on the classic ‘random’ pop ups that make the Victoria market scene so much fun to be a part of including a shops for pillows and cushions, bowls and crockery, sweets, and little glass terrariums.

Of course the true show came when we started to ponder food. Breakfast was a stretchy, oozy gozleme from  the food section, always a winner in Melbourne, which we split while sitting in a little table in the sun. Then, with at least something savoury to pad the stomach, we went out looking for better treats. What we found, and South Melbourne Market is about the only place I’ve ever experienced this, was too much to make a choice. There were brownies, cakes, pies, tarts, slices, macarons by the pile, and just about everything in between. It was a veritable rainbow of all things sweet and decadent, and we wanted it all.

Alas, our stomach’s betrayed us in that moment, and we had to settle for a Nutella macaron and a slab of orange pecan fudge brownie, both of which went down a treat. We couldn’t possibly have managed any more which, if nothing else, necessitated at least one more visit to the foodie paradise known as South Melbourne Market.





Tips For The South Melbourne Market
  • The South Melbourne Market opening days and hours are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8am-4pm (Fridays until 5pm). It’s located on the corner of Coventry and Cecil Streets in South Melbourne.
  • If you happen to take your car instead of public transport to South Melbourne Market, you can get 2hrs of free parking on market days.
  • For a real insiders look at the world of the South Melbourne Market, why not book a market tour. These tours are only $10 and that includes taste-testing some of the market’s amazing offerings, and a little market bag. Find our more here.
  • The South Melbourne Market has lots of things happening at their markets, and they advertise special events or appearances on their website. Check out what’s happening if you plan to visit.




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