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De La Plage And Beach Walks

De La Plage - Casuarina Coastal Reserve

A few years ago the Casuarina Coastal Reserve was all natural beauty, stunning to say the least. Now they have coffee too, and it’s just about perfect.

De La Plage opened in 2015 inside the Casuarina Coastal Reserve, in the same building as the Life Saving Club. The digs are pretty simple, all the seating is outside and it’s all recycled, upcycled, trash seating. I’m talking palettes, milk crate, bean bags, mats, the whole cheap yards.

But, I love it.

Thanks to De La Plage, I can go for a walk at 6am from the Yellow Bridge at Rapid Creek along the most stunning stretch of coastline Darwin has to offer. I can show up, sandy and sweaty at 7am on the dot, sit my butt down on that milk crate with the op-shop cushion, and enjoy a decent coffee and a gorgeous outlook. It’s what makes the weekend worth walking for.

Last weekend I did the De La Plage dawn coffee crusade with two friends, I from the Gunlom camping adventure, and E, from my last early morning walk. How weird, I just noticed all our names start with vowels.


E’s long doggo also came along, for walkies.

As far as I’m concerned, any opportunity to spend time with a dog is a photo opportunity, and this long dog was more than happy to oblige me. So cute!

The sun was only just rising when we set out, but it was typically hot. Most of the way we followed the footpath to save sacrificing sand in our shoes, but we did jump down to the beach as we neared the cafe to enjoy it for a moment. The beach was almost totally empty, as it often is, and it was easy to feel like we had the whole place to ourselves. We would have marvelled in it longer, but coffee was calling.

We were so eager for our coffee fix that we actually arrived before De La Plage even opened. But, there were mosquitos to spray for, seats to choose, and the task of trying to get the dog to figure out he could drink water, so we passed the time fairly easily. Coffee came fast and iced, which is pretty much the only way to drink it in December, and we sat a moment under the Casuarina pines watching the day get started. Saturday, and the entire weekend still ahead. If that isn’t the best realisation to have when you’re sipping on ice-cold coffee by the beach, I don’t know what is.

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