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Building Up To The Rains

I’m not pulling any punches here: I AM HOT.

When I wake up in the morning I’m hot, when I go to bed at night I’m hot, and just about every second in between I am wondering what mad thought possessed me to live in the Northern Territory of Australia. To be honest, it’s become quite unbearable, and ever second that we get closer to Christmas I feverishly (from the heat stroke) hope that the wet season will arrive.

See the Northern Territory really just has two official seasons. There’s the dry season, where it’s lovely and almost cool and we get a fantastic never-ending breeze. And there’s the wet season, where it the storms roll in like clockwork every afternoon, rain buckets down constantly, and cyclones come to call.

The only problem is that there are actually three seasons. The middle one, seemingly forgotten by meteorologists and pretty much anyone who isn’t local, is the build up. They call it the build up because it heralds the time when the weather ‘builds up’ to the arrival of the rain, which here means gets ridiculously hot until we all lose our minds.

If you think I’m overreacting, I’m not. The average nightly temperature where I’m living right now is a balmy 27 degrees (80F). At night. The maximum daily temperature is a punishing 35 degrees (94F), but thanks to the sky-high humidity it feels much, much hotter.

Luckily, the rain is coming along soon enough. For now, all I can really do is drink iced coffee, sweat in the shade, and get ready for the storms.

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