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A Walking Adventure In George Town, Malaysia

George Town, Malaysia

Since Dean and I gave up motorcycling when we travel, which although usually pretty fun did results in a few too many close calls, we’ve found that our adventures are much more interesting. Why?

It all comes down to walking.

Now that we don’t ride motorcycles, and we are loathe to take taxis for anything short of a near-fatal injury, we walk a whole lot. I find that with this method we tend to get a much better outlay of the place we’re visiting, and see far beyond the tourist screen. When we were in George Town earlier this year, this meant we were able to experience the city in a new light.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: If you went to Malaysia earlier in the year, why am I just seeing these photos now. Good question! The truth is an intercontinental move, a very complicated visa process, an Australian road trip, and getting set up in a new place pretty much put all my photo editing and organisation on the back burner. Now that I’m back into it, I realised that these photos were so lovely I couldn’t not share them!

George Town, Malaysia George Town, Malaysia

We stayed in George Town for more than 10 days in the end. When it came down to it, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to leave, that’s how nice it was. Plus, as we were there over Chinese New Year (wow that was a long time ago) there was a lot happening, so we were more than entertained. Over that 10 days we spent most of our time wandering the streets during the morning, taking a hot lunch break in the cool shade of curry houses and dumpling joints, and then wandering some more in the evening. Let me tell you right now if you’re thinking of going to Malaysia and George Town isn’t on your list, it certainly should be.

If I’m being honest, I’ve been trying to move away from strictly travel on this website. I felt like I lost myself in the world of being a travel blogger, but not in a good way. In fact, it felt like I moved too far away from the person I was, into a person I was pretending to be. That being said, I still love to travel, so there’s still going to be some travel content on here. And I love to give advice to people about their own adventures, so I couldn’t resist a list of the places we explored in George Town, just in case you’re heading that way.

Fort Cornwallis

Probably good for about 30 – 45 minutes of general wandering around. When we were there quite a lot of the boards and informational signs were missing, I think they might have been renovated. Still, if you’re interested in the history of the place, this is definitely worth seeing.

George Town, Malaysia

Camera Museum

Easily my favourite place, for obvious reasons. The Camera Museum isn’t massive by any means, but remember that cameras are pretty small things. We spent a solid few hours in here exploring, and it was great. Even Dean enjoyed himself, and there’s lots of interesting hands-on things to do as well. We had a young girl showing us around, and she was really knowledgable, and definitely lent herself to our experience.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

If you’re like us, you’ll start to refer to this one as the Blue Mansion. A historical building that was once home to a massively rich and successful Chinese merchant, this place is really something else. Apart from the usually paint job (it’s a lovely indigo-blue) the entire place is built with Feng Shui in mind. The only way to see it is with a guided tour, which did make us feel a little like cattle, but it was interesting nonetheless.

George Town, Malaysia

Penang 3D Trick Art Museum

We actually just popped in here to see what this was, and then decided that air conditioning was preferable and worth a gamble. It actually turned out to be a really fun (and weird) experience that involved a lot of posing for the camera and pretending you were being eaten by dinosaurs of falling down a well. The photos didn’t turn out that great (lighting could be better), but it was still pretty hilarious.

George Town, Malaysia

Little India

I cannot even begin to explain just how much you really need to go to Little India. I think that the George Town Little India is almost as good, maybe even better because it’s cheaper, than the Little India in Singapore. The amazing little shops, the smell of incense heavy in the air, and the food, oh the food! I stuffed my face in Little India every single day we were in George Town from breakfasts of roti and sweet tea, to thali dinners rolling in yoghurt lassies. Heaven.

George Town, Malaysia

The Streets

As I said before, there’s so much to be seen just on the streets of George Town, and we saw quite a bit of it. If you’re just wandering around you’ll see your fair share of great street art, historical buildings and artefacts, impressive architecture, cute boutique cafes and eateries, and so much more. If you’re looking to beat the heat, George Town is home to a few malls as well. They’re always interesting to see how the average Malaysian mall works, and they’re always cool and refreshing!

George Town, Malaysia George Town, Malaysia George Town, Malaysia

This post originally appeared on, the pre-evolved version of Maps And Mandalas. I’ve republished it here with its original date because I love it that much.

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