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A Quick Winter Getaway To Lorne

Everyone needs to get away from reality sometimes, and often the best escapes are those that come up quite unexpectedly, but fit in exactly as if they were always meant to happen. So it was with our recent getaway to Lorne. Logically, it didn’t seem like the right time to go on a holiday. We had a trip to Darwin coming up and winter was well and truly upon us. The days were short and cold, and the beach hardly seemed to be calling. Still, opportunities arise for those that will seize them, so when Dean’s boss took a few days off we decided to take a little leap down the coast to Lorne. Our plan was to take full advantage of winter prices and do very little beyond hang out at a fancy hotel and swim in the indoor swimming pool… And that’s exactly what we did.

Four delightful days and three (not quite) restful nights spend tucked away inside a family apartment with a view over the wintery sea. We got up at sunrise (not by choice) and walked along the beach under a purple sky with the pram in tow. We took several long and meandering walks to the pier chatting about all kinds of random things. We spent way too long playing lawn bowls with barely an understanding of the rules. We checked out Teddy’s Lookout at sunrise (again, not by choice), and watched the small light of winter spread out across the Great Ocean Road and the bay at Lorne. We took one very little hike, and that was more than enough for our appetites. All in all, it was the kind of trip where we didn’t really do that much of anything, and yet somehow we had one of the best times we’ve had on any trips we’ve taken down the Great Ocean Road, and we’ve taken a few.

Tips For A Winter Getaway To Lorne

  • Use hotel booking sites to compare prices and snatch up a winter special. Winter is definitely low season in Lorne and hotels are trying to fill beds as much as they can. We were able to get a family apartment with a sea view at the Mantra at Lorne for three nights for less than $140/night and that included a full buffet breakfast every morning (and believe me we always get our money’s worth at a buffet!).
  • Don’t be afraid to get out into the beautiful areas around Lorne for a hike. The weather might be cold but the waterfalls and trails are still stunning, and often entirely empty. Just make sure you plan for a bit of rain and mud!
  • Enjoy the serenity! Winter is one of the quieter times in Lorne, and along the Great Ocean Road, so try and enjoy the space without the crowds as much as you’re able. Wander along the beach, even if it’s cold, check out the sunrise from Teddy’s Lookout, wander down to the pier. Just remember that in 5 months the entire town will be packed to the gills and people will be wishing they had the serenity you’re enjoying now!

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