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    Four Months

    Four months. More than 16 glorious weeks of loving this little boy, and it has gone faster than ever before. He’s grown immensely in the last few weeks, and his personality is more visible than ever before. Our days are exciting, full of laughter and light, and our nights are full of cuddles and figuring out how to survive on whatever sleep we can get our hands on 😴.  Oscar is a certifiably cheeky monkey these days, with a smile…

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  • Lifestyle Photography

    Our Birth Announcements

    I had big plans when I was pregnant to send out gorgeous birth announcements in the weeks after our son’s birth. In my mind the birth announcements would wing their way…

  • Australia Travel

    A Colourful Beach Walk At Brighton Beach Boxes

    The Brighton Beach Boxes in Brighton, VIC are one of those places that you’ve just seen around. They’re on postcards and in tourism advertisements, they’re contained within in-flight magazines and splashed across…

  • Australia Travel

    What I Missed About Darwin

    It’s always nice to come back to somewhere that you once called home, particularly if that home is your original hometown, as Darwin is for me. While I’m not a Darwin…

  • Photography

    My 2017 In Photographs

    As a photographer, I both love and hate looking back over my photographs at the end of the year. It’s amazing to see personal progress, but sad to see all those…