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    12 Months [And Looking Back]

    Well here we are already. Oscar is a one year old and this little photo project has come to an end after 12 months of watching this little boy grow up in front of my lens 📸 Life with a new one-year-old is pretty exciting, if I do say so myself. Oscar is all about speed at the moment 💨, so even though he isn’t walking independently he is running about on his walker screeching like a madman 📢(sorry neighbours).…

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  • Family Life Lifestyle

    11 Months

    A new year has begun! Seems crazy to think last year we were so focused and excited for Oscar to arrive. Now his first birthday is literally weeks away! 🎁 🎉…

  • Family Life Lifestyle

    10 Months

    December is upon us, and I can barely believe it but that means my little person is ten months old today 🤗! In the last month he has changed so much,…

  • Family Life Lifestyle

    9 Months

    How has this happened so fast? This coming month Oscar will have existed as long in the world as he was in the womb. This feels like the beginning of a…

  • Family Life Lifestyle

    8 Months

    It seems like I am just getting used to telling people Oscar’s age when suddenly he’s older again. Eight months. It feels surreal to be here with this boisterous and wonderful…

  • Family Life Lifestyle

    7 Months

    I feel like, now that we’re past the halfway mark, life is moving even quicker again than it was before. It’s almost as if we’re rolling faster and faster down this…