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    A Quick Solo Trip North [Darwin, NT]

    It’s hard to believe that I thought it was hard to wrangle Oscar in a plane to Darwin back in August when he was a stubborn six-month-old. Now I know so much better. Oh, by the way, I’ve just returned from a quick trip to Darwin which involved not one, but two red-eye flights with a very loud and frustrated 11 month old who spent most of his time (I imagine) trying to ask me just why he couldn’t kick the seat…

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    So This Is Christmas

    It’s amazing to me to look back on last Christmas and think just how much has changed since then. Christmas is a funny little holiday, it’s one of those ones that…

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    So, We Sold Our Crib

    So we did something kind of wild last weekend, and we sold our crib. I know what you’re thinking: why sell a crib when you still have a crib-aged baby? Yep,…

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    Passing Along Our Bassinet

    When I was pregnant I had a vision of a little baby wrapped up in a woven-basket-style bassinet. This little baby would soundly sleep inside it and Dean and I would…

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    My First Mothers Day

    This year, for the first time in my life, I woke up on Mother’s Day as somebody’s mother. That little somebody, cuddled up next to me in the dawn enjoying his…