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    How To Have The Greatest Australian Road Trip Ever

    How To Have The Best Australian Road Trip Ever

    When it comes to the classic Australian road trip, I’ve done a fair few. What started as a family obsession with long meandering drives across the country has evolved into wildly adventurous jaunts down once-familiar roads. Alone, with family, and together with Dean, I’d say my kilometre count is up towards 100,000km and climbing. Over the years I have gradually refined and evolved my road trip style, and now I’d say I’m more prepared than I ever have been before.…

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  • Douglas Daly Hot Springs
    Australia Travel

    Impressive Douglas Daly Hot Springs

    I always find natural hot springs to be pretty impressive, particularly when they’re Douglas Daly Hot Springs, the hottest spring in the Northern Territory (as far as I know). While Bitter Springs…

  • Bitter Springs, Mataranka
    Australia Travel

    A Warm River At Bitter Springs, Mataranka

    In terms of the big attractions of the Northern Territory, Bitter Springs doesn’t really rank. It’s overshadowed by it’s more well known cousin: the Thermal Pools of Mataranka. Bitter Springs, sometimes…