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    Here’s To 28

    Birthdays have never really been a super important thing for me. I love celebrating other people, but I find it really hard to enjoy my own birthday for some reason. In fact, the last birthday I blogged was my 25th birthday, and my usual preference is to do something fairly low-key with a few special people. This year my birthday happened to coincide with us being in Darwin to see my family, which was really nice as it’s been a while…

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    6 Years Of Birthdays With Dean

    It’s totally crazy to me that I have known Dean for six birthdays now, and that I’ve been lucky enough to celebrate six birthdays with him. Looking back, it’s amazing just…

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    Well, There Goes 25!

    I’ve never been a big fan of birthdays. Well, maybe back in the day, when childhood birthdays meant cake and eating as much as I could until feeling physically sick and…