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    Our Birth Announcements

    I had big plans when I was pregnant to send out gorgeous birth announcements in the weeks after our son’s birth. In my mind the birth announcements would wing their way out across the world to friends and family in Australia and England showing off our new arrival and thanking people for any gifts and well wishes. Dean, while I’m not sure he really understood why I was so attached to the idea of birth announcements, was totally supportive but…

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    Early Newborn Days

    There’s a quiet magic about having a newborn that is easy to get lost in. It finds itself in the quiet dawns and late night feedings. It burrows into the long,…

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    A Note At 40 Weeks

    Well, I made it. I’m officially 280 days into this pregnancy thing, and there doesn’t appear to be much of a sign that my little journey is going to be coming…

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    25 Weeks Of Growing You

    I haven’t met you yet, I’ve had you with me now for 25 weeks. That’s 175 days of loving you from the outside and watching you get slowly bigger and start…

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    Reaching the Halfway Mark {20 Weeks}

    The strangest thing that I’ve so far noted – among many strange things if I’m being perfectly honest – since being pregnant is how time seems to move simultaneously so slow…

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    Announcing Our Little Passenger

    Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted (and I know it’s not the first time I’ve said that!) but it’s definitely time to catch you up. Life has been so…