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    DIY Newborn Photos: 5 Easy Tips For Great Shots

    One of the things I was sure about when I was pregnant is that I wanted to attempt to do DIY newborn photos. While I truly believe in hiring photographers to skilfully capture the important moments in your life, as a photographer I also struggle with the concept. It’s hard to relinquish control over your own idea of how an image will look. There are so many things I love about newborn photography from other photographers, but I wanted my photos…

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    Early Newborn Days

    There’s a quiet magic about having a newborn that is easy to get lost in. It finds itself in the quiet dawns and late night feedings. It burrows into the long,…

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    A Note At 40 Weeks

    Well, I made it. I’m officially 280 days into this pregnancy thing, and there doesn’t appear to be much of a sign that my little journey is going to be coming…

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    25 Weeks Of Growing You

    I haven’t met you yet, I’ve had you with me now for 25 weeks. That’s 175 days of loving you from the outside and watching you get slowly bigger and start…