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    So, We Sold Our Crib

    So we did something kind of wild last weekend, and we sold our crib. I know what you’re thinking: why sell a crib when you still have a crib-aged baby? Yep, we still have a little baby and now we have no crib, and the reason for that is because despite being of an age where babies usually sleep in cribs, Oscar never wanted to sleep in his crib, or any kind of other baby-appropriate container that meant he wasn’t…

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    Five Months

    How can I even begin to describe the immense joy, love and wonder I’m feeling at the five month mark. As always, time has been both fleeting and fickle, and before…

  • Family Life Lifestyle

    Four Months

    More than 16 glorious weeks of loving this little boy, and it has gone faster than ever before. He’s grown immensely in the last few weeks, and his personality is more…

  • Family Life Lifestyle

    Passing Along Our Bassinet

    When I was pregnant I had a vision of a little baby wrapped up in a woven-basket-style bassinet. This little baby would soundly sleep inside it and Dean and I would…

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    Three Months

    We have had 12 weeks of loving this little boy now, and they have been the most amazing and challenging of my life. So much has changed since Oscar was born,…

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    Two Months

    I don’t know what to do about this time business, because it’s going faster than I can keep track of. We’ve had two wonderful months now with this little peanut and…