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The Art Of Birthday Cake

I’m the last person to consider myself a food blogger, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a food lover. About half the time I make a serious effort to making food look good, and about half the time I don’t really care what it looks like as long as it tastes amazing. Lately I’ve been trying to reach a balance between the two, with the idea that I might encourage myself into food photography, just casually.

Over the last 7 days, I’ve had two birthdays and have dedicated myself to making two cakes. The first was for my friend E, who has made a blog appearance before as my walking buddy, and the second was for my little brother B, who has never appeared on the blog and would probably like to keep it that way 😉

E requested a Kit Kat cake, which provided a wealth of Pinterest inspiration, while B opted for something to do with Nutella, which was a little more flexible. In the end for the first I settled for the classic Kit Kat cake, two layers of chocolate sponge, with chocolate and whipped cream in the middle, iced in chocolate and fenced with Kit Kats. On the top went more chocolate and strawberries you know… for health.

It was amazing, even if it did require both Dean and I to work overtime ‘glueing’ the Kit Kats to the side. Ultimately, ribbon was required to hold it in place, but the effect was incredible and the taste was fantastic.

For the Nutella cake I went with a two-tier chocolate sponge with roast hazelnut syrup for the nutty flavour. In the middle went hazelnut chocolate whipped cream, Nutella chocolate ganache drizzle, and Nutella frosting piped on (never used a piping bag before, but I managed alright), all rounded out with some Ferrero Rocher chocolates, thankfully on special when I bought them.

It was much less of a job to put together (or it would have been if I didn’t butcher the first frosting and have to re do it) and was also nothing short of drool-worth in look and taste.

While it is certainly a lot of fun to make a cake, the best part of birthday cakes is getting to light them on fire, sing poorly, and then eat them alongside the birthday people, usually accompanied by other friends, family, and food.

So, birthday people of this week, Happy Birthday!

You’re both amazing!

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