So I Switched From Nikon To Canon

Nikon To Canon Switch Review

I’d always thought of myself as a loyalist, but not that long ago I took the plunged and changed allegiances, switching from Nikon to Canon. I gave up my trusty, well-loved Nikon D7000 that I’d purchased in 2012 after the demise of my very first camera (a Nikon D60) and purchased a Canon 6D.

Why? Well, let me explain.

I’d been thinking about going full frame for a while, and when Dean and I had a run of good financial luck for once, I felt that it was finally the right time. I knew that the cameras would be discounted over Christmas, but I also knew I’d have the best chance of getting rid of my older gear in the lead-up to gift giving time. So, I just went in and purchased the camera as it was, no kit or other fancy stuff. All I got was the camera body, and the Canon 50mm f/1.8, which like most nifty fifties was a steal.

It was a big chunk of money, but the first I’d spent on any gear at all since I purchased a Tamron 18-270mm before Dean and I went travelling in early 2013. My old Nikon camera had been really good to me, and I know photographers say that you’re supposed to get glass before bodies, but I just felt that I was being held back by my cropped frame. I love shooting in natural light, and I love candid photography and travel photography. I wanted something light, with incredible low-light performance, and a few extras like wifi and GPS. The Canon 6D delivered on all counts.

Nikon To Canon Switch Review

Adjusting From Nikon To Canon

The adjustment from Nikon to Canon has been significantly harder than I thought it would be. All the buttons are in different spots, and movements that had become so second-nature to me after 4+ years with my Nikon D7000 and 8+ years shooting Nikon in general were totally useless. This was particularly hard as I shoot exclusively in Manual, so I really need to know where all the buttons are! However, I pushed myself to get out and shoot with the camera as regularly as I could in a month long period, and I found that I did start to adjust. Once I had the menu system figured out, my shooting flow was almost back to normal, although I admit I do have to pause and look for where my fingers should be. I’ll get there in the end.

The positives of the move however, are clear. In moving from Nikon to Canon I seem to have opened up an entirely new world of low-light photography. Even with a lens as simple as the nifty fifty, at the very bottom of the budget lens pile, the possibilities are endless. Dark rooms and evenings become canvases for potential photographs. There’s no flash on the Canon 6D, but to be honest I only notice this in passing. My Nikon D7000 got a flash workout about twice a year, making it hardly worth worrying about. But the sheer sensitivity of the Canon 6D sensor marvels me. I think I’m in love with photography all over again.

Of course I still have a bit to go, a way to learn. And, now that I’d sold the rest of my Nikon gear, I can start to think about the Canon lenses that might suit this new full-frame style. At the moment I have that nifty fifty, and a second-hand Canon 17-40mm f/4 L lens that I picked up for a steal for travel and landscapes. If you have recommendations for Canon or third-party lenses, I want to hear them!

Nikon To Canon Switch Review






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