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My 2018 In Photographs

Another year, another few thousand photographs to add to my collection. 2018 is over and it’s that time again for me to have a look back on the adventures of the year through the pictures that I have taken. I’m much more mindful of the pictures that I take and keep these days, a far cry from the 10,000 (!) photos I took yearly when I first started my journey as a photographer in 2009. These days I tend to come out of the year with around around 1,000 images that have been carefully culled from shooting days and edited. Of course I’m sure this number will increase infinitely when our little person joins us just a few weeks from now!

So, 2018, what did we get up to?


Dean and I always like to start the year with a bang, but not the New Years party bang that perhaps others are fond of. Instead we started our 2018 with a joint goal to see more of Melbourne. Like most resolutions, we were most energetic in chasing this goal in January, where we went on a summer hike in the Dandenongs, explored Yarra Bend Park, had a highly traumatic fly-related experience at Cape Woolamai, and extended our market adventures to include the South Melbourne Markets.

Day Trip To Phillip Island - Lookout point


For us February was a month of big changes and even more new starts, but this time our adventures were a little closer to home. We moved house, a challenge as it was not just two people but also almost 100 of my pot plant children, and started to settle in. This month included an exciting, and later stressful, trip to IKEA of which no photographs exist, and several hours of assembling IKEA furniture that left us wondering if it was still appropriate for us to just use milk crates as chairs instead.


In March we discovered what came to be one of our favourite hikes in the state of Victoria (so far), the George Bass Coastal Trail. The trail absolutely blew us away with its phenomenal beauty, and both of us spent the next several months madly attempting to get all of our friends and acquaintances to attempt it for themselves, with minimal success.

George Bass Coastal Walk - Bass Coast Hiking


April is one of my favourite months because it is Dean’s birthday month. I’m a big fan of other people’s birthdays, and I relish the opportunity to spoil someone that I love as much as Dean. April was also the month we discovered another favourite Melbourne walk, the Werribee Gorge circuit.

Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk


Yes for autumn! As a photographer finally living in a seasonal climate there’s nothing I love more than the opportunity to snap some fantastic autumn foliage, which is what we did in May up in the Dandenongs. May was also the month that we found out we would be having a baby, which meant there was a lot of secret keeping and knowing giggles as we had some local adventures.

A profile of autumn [Dandenongs Autumn]


First trimester pregnancy fatigue hit me hard in June, and I went into a proper creative coma where I took very few photographs. Still, we’re always up for adventures, and we managed a trip up to Daylesford where we wandered in the fog and ate a seriously drool-worthy hash brown that I still have dreams about.

Foggy day at Lake Daylesford


In July I made my annual pilgrimage to the NSW South Coast to see some of my mum’s side of the family. While I was there I shared my passion for hiking with the fam, and saw some absolutely stunning places in the area at the same time, including Fitzroy Falls and the Minnamurra Rainforest. As soon as I got back I was straight into my second teaching placement (out of three) for my teaching degree, at which point I seem to have forgotten that I owned a camera at all!

Minnamurra Rainforest sunlight on the stones
Fitzroy Falls Lookout


In August I turned 27! We also announced publicly that our little passenger was arriving in February of 2019. Now that first trimester fatigue was fading away, we tackled a few more hikes, including re-walking the George Bass Coastal Trail where I showed off my belly. I also finished up my second teaching placement, which was a massive success!


September was a whirlwind! We took a trip to Point Lonsdale where we fed llamas (or were they alpacas?) and soaked up the sunshine. Then I went on a little adventure of my own (Dean never gets to go anywhere haha) up to Darwin to see my family for a pre-baby escape between teaching placements. In Darwin I saw a lot of sunshine, coastal views, beautiful gardens, and happy family faces.

Basil’s Farm, Queenscliff
Basil’s Farm, Queenscliff

Slow Down - Back In Darwin


After September I was pretty beat (hello pregnancy mid-way point!) but there was no time to rest. My final six week teaching placement was starting in the second week of October and my university workload was piling up around me. I put my head down and got it done, and I can honestly say that I barely touched my camera all month (again, I’m such a dedicated photographer)! I even took a hiatus from Instagram. The result was another super successful, but incredibly challenging, teaching placement completed and under my belt. Now it was time to move on to the next impending challenge: the third trimester!


In November we squeezed in a trip to the Brighton Beach Boxes, and I celebrated reaching 30 weeks of my pregnancy. I’m sure we did more, but again baby brain struck and my camera did not accompany me all that much.


December always seems to sneak up on me, and I was (again) amazed at how fast the year had gone. 2018 was drawing to a close already! My friends threw me a fantastic baby shower and I got desperate about my pregnant belly and had serious regrets involving rainbow support tape. Dean and I basked in the golden light of our Christmas tree and didn’t encounter a single scary spider (thankfully). We took a hike that was probably a bit long (more regret there) and had a (not sad) Orphan’s Christmas before rounding out the year by watching the Melbourne city fireworks from our bedroom window.

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