Marching On [366 Project]

I find I’m so grateful that I decided to do this 366 project, even more so now with everything going on. The world seems quite crazy, and it’s nice to know that amidst all of that craziness we will have a record of the slow and simple life that we were forced to live this year thanks to the pandemic raging outside the door. 

Three months into the year and the project I feel like I’m really hitting my stride, although I do still want to challenge my style and approach a little more. I admit there are definitely some days where I come to the evening and realise that I haven’t even picked up my camera all day long, while on other days I can choose from literally hundreds of images which one will be my ‘photo of the day’. 

If you’ve been following along in this process, from January and February to now, you’ll notice that Oscar appears most often in the photos, followed by Dean, and that I only make occasional shots, which is something I want to change. I do have a tripod but I’m struggling with the idea of my theme (‘Everyday Life’) and the inherent staging of a photograph that requires a tripod. I suppose in order to appear in my own 366 project, it might be necessary for me to suspend the candid approach here and there, which is fine as well.

Now onto the photos! As always, here are some highlights for this month!

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