The Littlest Camera: GoPro Hero 5 Session Review

GoPro Hero Session 5 Review

I’ve owned a few cameras in my time, but the GoPro Hero 5 Session is definitely the most impressive for its size. We bought ours not that long ago, when my first GoPro camera, the Hero 2, finally started to slow us down when we were filming. Considering I purchased the Hero 2 in 2012 and had used it consistently (and let’s be honest a little roughly) during the duration of my ownership, it’s pretty damn impressive. Still, holding the GoPro Hero 5 Session in my hand, I know I’m dealing with something of a different beast.

Having had a little bit of time to get my head around the GoPro Hero 5 Session, I figured it was time for a review. Here’s all the things that I am absolutely loving about the itty bitty powerhouse that is the GoPro Hero 5 Session.

It’s Pocketable

When I first got the Hero 2, I was so surprised at how small it was. So, you can imagine how blown away I was when I first got my hands on the GoPro Hero 5 Session. This thing is TINY. Like an inch-and-a-half cube, 3.7cm or so in size. Teeny tiny. Not only does this mean you can just throw it into your pocket and head out for the day (in a little bag to protect the screen from getting scratched), but it’s also very low profile. By this I mean, you can mount it easily and it’s hardly noticeable. Dean and I are planning to get a few new mounts for our GoPro Hero 5 Session. We have a pole, and we’d like to get the backpack mount for a different perspective.

It’s Simple

I’m all for keeping things simple, but the GoPro Hero 5 Session camera is actually Dean’s camera, and his motto is literally “I just point and click, no fancy stuff”. I recently encouraged him to try some fancy stuff with his burgeoning photography/videography talent, and the Hero 5 is just that. Simple interface, easy to use, and really effortlessly to find your way around, the GoPro Hero 5 Session is perfect for people who are looking for all the power without the massive manual. I should know, my Canon 6D came with a novel. Dean managed to figure the Hero 5 out with just a bit of beeping a.k.a. trial and error.

GoPro Hero Session 5 Review

It’s Waterproof

Technically all GoPro cameras are waterproof, but what I really like about the  GoPro Hero 5 Session is that it is waterproof without any housing. The bigger Hero5 is also waterproof, but obviously I’m comparing this new camera with my really old Hero 2 camera. Anyway, providing the door of the camera is shut, the GoPro Hero 5 Session it totally waterproof. So no more messing around with the housing, and the fog absorbers to stop the humidity from clouding the camera. Simple!

It’s Smart

It’s always a worry when technology gets smarter than you, unless it’s super helpful and then you don’t have to worry about it. That’s how it is with the GoPro Hero 5 Session. This camera is a clever camera. Not only can it connect to your smartphone for remote shutter + camera view (i.e. see on screen what the camera sees), but it also has voice commands. This means you don’t even have to worry about pressing the button at all, you can just instruct the GoPro to take a picture or start recording, and it will!

GoPro Hero Session 5 Review


Ok, that’s not to say there isn’t some stuff that I don’t love about the GoPro Hero 5 Session. For one thing, it doesn’t have a removable battery, which means that unlike my last action camera I can’t just bring a spare battery with me and change it. The battery lasts 1.5-2 hours, depending on how you use it, which frankly isn’t that long. Of course, we do have a power pack which we can bring with us, but it is a little bit of a bummer.

Apart from that however, the GoPro Hero 5 Session is an absolutely fantastic action camera that is super portable, smart and easy to use. Definitely one to consider!

Note: The GoPro images in this post are screen-captures from video footage, which may account for their lack of quality. Actual photographs from the GoPro are fantastic.

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