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Aussie Partner Visa Journey

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    Two Years of Maps and Mandalas

    It’s amazing really how fast time goes. I think about that often, memories popping up in my head and it shocks me just how long ago they were. On some days,…

  • Hiking

    A Review Of The Teva Arrowood Lux

    A good pair of shoes is hard to find, but in a good pair of shoes a girl can conquer the world. Personally, I’ve always had a bit of a love-hate…

  • Australia Travel

    What I Missed About Darwin

    It’s always nice to come back to somewhere that you once called home, particularly if that home is your original hometown, as Darwin is for me. While I’m not a Darwin…

  • Lifestyle

    Reaching the Halfway Mark {20 Weeks}

    The strangest thing that I’ve so far noted – among many strange things if I’m being perfectly honest – since being pregnant is how time seems to move simultaneously so slow…