Well, There Goes 25!

I’ve never been a big fan of birthdays. Well, maybe back in the day, when childhood birthdays meant cake and eating as much as I could until feeling physically sick and high on sugar… Ah the good old days. Certainly as an adult birthdays didn’t do anything for me. The steady monotone of time ticking away, another year gone, another year older, and what’s been accomplished? Isn’t that always the question.

So I thought I’d write down what I’ve accomplished this year, what I’ve started and finished in my quarter century, to put things in perspective.

Oh, and of course I started my new blog Maps and Mandalas, which is what you’re reading right now! All up it was a pretty eventful year, and amidst all these little milestones were endless sunsets enjoyed, sunrises caught, walks taken, boundaries pushed, and challenges overcome.

I think I like summing up my year. I try to do it anyway for our love books (which I am now 2-3 years behind doing but shush! 😬). It really does put things in perspective. So, here’s to another fantastic year. Twenty-six is looking good from here!

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