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The Garden Boat

To be quite honest, I’m not 100% sure about where the boat came from. I heard a story, although I’m not sure it’s true, that it was a throwaway, something that someone had thought about fixing, but never got around to. It ended up at my brother’s place, where it sat on the edges of the property and waited for a purpose. When the wet season came, and the rain fell in buckets, it slipped into the drainage ditch and floated to the back of the property.

At some point after this, my dad decided to make it into a garden.





I’ve been monitoring the garden boat pretty closely. It’s a cool idea, and I was interested to see if it would work. With holes drilled in the bottom for drainage, packed with plant-friendly soil, and filled with delicious herbs and veggies, this boat has big potential. Since the first planting a few weeks ago, we’ve really seen it flourish under my dad’s green thumb. In his retirement, he’s working on some more agricultural pursuits, and although we aren’t having much luck with the chicken, the plants love him.

He’s got peppers, chilli, eggplant, spinach, parsley, and a heap more I can’t remember, all growing in the relative safety of this unlikely garden home. A few metres over, there’s Darwin’s biggest backyard chicken coop, with some free-range chickens and a few angry ducks (who are apparently delicious). It’s the picture of rural farming.


Its nice to be out on the property, among the plants and and bushland. Although Dean and I certainly don’t like anywhere seriously built-up, there’s a silence about being out there that I really appreciate. At out little townhouse, which is in a complex with about fifteen others, there is a feeling of being crowded. Our patio area backs onto a public park, which is great because you do feel like there’s a big open space. But beyond that there’s a road and above us is the airport flight path, so it does get a little loud.


So I’m grateful that we have that space to relax and get back to nature with, even though it isn’t home. I could sit there and watch the plants grow all day, with a coffee in my hand, and be in good company.

This post originally appeared on, the pre-evolved version of Maps And Mandalas. I’ve republished it here with its original date because I love it that much.

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