That Dumb Thing With The Rainbow Tape

Excuse my super white belly, but I want tell you a funny story, complete with discomfort, pregnancy desperation, pain, regret, and rainbow tape.

Recently I was at my wits end (sad as I’m far from the pregnancy finish line). The weight of my ballooning stomach was driving me down. I googled, and came up with kinesiology tape. Apparently for pregnant ladies, this tape is a simple, effective way to take some of the effects of gravity off your baby bump, so I headed out and bought myself a roll, in rainbow obviously.

After a few informative videos, I got the tape on with no issues. The relief was IMMEDIATE. I had been waiting for this: an instant feeling resembling my pre-pregnancy body. AMAZING! For days I strutted around relishing my relative comfort, and showing off my rainbow tape to anyone who I could flash my belly to.

And then came my fall. See, I hadn’t really thought long-term about the tape. I wanted relief, and I wanted it now. So I hadn’t put a lot of thinking into getting the tape off. I figured after a few days, it would just come off by itself and that would be that.

Sadly, this was not the case. After four days of consistent sweating in an Australian summer, there was no doubt that it was time for the tape to go. I put myself in the shower, I soaped up, but when I started to draw back the tape my entire body was in a state of shock.


It appeared that the adhesive on the tape had been engineered by someone in the throes of enthusiastic schadenfreude. Luckily I was in the shower so I couldn’t see my tears (clearly, childbirth will be a breeze). By the middle of the second strip, having reached my limit, I took a few fortifying breaths and just tore the rest of it off.

Days later now the enormous red cross on my stomach is finally fading. In some areas I appear to have literally ripped the top layer of skin off, and the entire surface is dry, crusty and vaguely reptilian. You’d think I’d never go near the tape again, but you’d be wrong! The relief was incredible, and I’m just waiting for the skin to heal so I can do it all over again, with some adjustments to the removal of course!

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