Spontaneous Turquoise Mermaid Hair {Brite Organix}

Spontaneous Turquoise Mermaid Hair {Brite Organix}

I’ve always played with the idea of dying my hair a funny colour. For years I went back and forth with it, obsessing over whether it would look good, the logistics of it, and the process itself. Around that time I was working various jobs, none of which I imagined would be that open to the idea of me having hair that was any colour other than natural, so ultimately I let it go. I suppose I filed it over in the Someday category in my brain, along with a lot of other ideas and notions that would probably never see the light of day.

Then on Sunday I was wondering through the shops getting some last minute supplies for a Sunday breakfast when I saw some semi-permanent hair dye on special by a company called Brite Organix. Even at full price it was affordable, so I grabbed a few shades I liked (turquoise is my favourite colour, but the pastel green looked good too) and resolved to just do it the same day. I reasoned that, working from home, I can’t really get into any trouble with a spontaneous hair colour change, and after all you only live once.

Spontaneous Turquoise Mermaid Hair {Brite Organix}

Now, I feel like I need to say that this actually isn’t a sponsored post. I came across this Brite Organix brand and just felt like giving it a go, no motivation needed. However, I will note that the company boasts a pretty responsible brand, and the dyes are labelled as ethically vegan. According to their website they partner with ethical factories, are PETA accredited, are not tested on animals, and are completely vegan. So there you go.

Anyway, down to the dying. It actually took me a little bit of experimenting to get it right, and ultimately I had to do it twice because the first time I got terrible coverage (all my fault), but at the end of the day my turquoise mermaid hair came out alright. I ended up sectioning off about 15cm at the end of my hair and dying it in the pastel green shade, and then taking the last 5cm or so and putting the turquoise through it. Of course it wasn’t as neat as that, but the effect is definitely there. I really struggle with hair stuff, but I was glad that the dye that I did get all over my hands and the sink came out with very little elbow grease.

The Brite Organix colours are only semi-permanent, and the box says 5-30 washes which is just the amount of commitment that I felt I could handle. The suggested marinating time (my phrase) for the hair dye was around 10 minutes, but I wasn’t too focused on the time and ended up leaving it in there for around 20 minutes. I’m not sure if this will make the colour last longer, but it’s certainly very vibrant right now, which I love.

So, for the next few weeks, it’s turquoise mermaid hair all the way!

Spontaneous Turquoise Mermaid Hair {Brite Organix}

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