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Our Son’s Name Is…

On the 10th of February at 10:59pm, after a mammoth labour of more than 24 hours that couldn’t have gone worse in my mind, the most amazing thing came to pass.

Our son was born.

They pulled him onto my chest and Dean and I did the only thing that I think two people can do when they’ve been waiting for nine months, and endured the experience of being in labour (and in Dean’s case seeing somebody go into labour): we cried and cried and cried.

He was, accepting for genetic bias, the most beautiful little boy that I had ever seen in my entire life, and he was ours. We had wanted to wait to announce his name properly just in case this was one of those moments where the chosen name just didn’t quite match the child it was bestowed on. But, in our case, our little guy always was and always will be true to the name we chose for him:

Oscar Sirius Wilson

Oscar was a name that we had almost immediately settled on after finding out that our little passenger was a boy way back at our 20 week appointment. I’ve always loved names that start with O (no surprises why) and while Dean wasn’t originally keen on it he grew to like it very quickly. It’s equal parts classic English without being too royal or stuffy. After we chose it we were reminded that it was also the name of my grandmother’s much loved brother, who worked as a train driver. This is Dean’s dream profession, so that more or less sealed the deal.

Sirius has a few layers of meaning. On the top layer, it is the brightest star in the sky, part of the Canis Major constellation. As many of you might recall, Dean lost his beautiful dog Hecter in 2017, and he was very keen to honour their special relationship. Some people might be surprised at the idea of naming a child after a dog, and I was one of those people, so I wanted to make the link more subtle than giving our little boy the name ‘Hecter’ as a middle name. Ultimately we chose Sirius because it’s known as the Dog Star, and it sums up how Dean felt about the guiding light that this dog really was in his life. Many people think the Harry Potter connection was prime in our minds, but star gazing has always been an important part of Dean and I’s relationship, and Hecter has always been a part of Dean, so all of that came together in Oscar’s name.

As a little bonus, when Dean and I do finally tie the knot, Oscar and I will have the same initials. This wasn’t intentional, but I still think it’s pretty cute. Also, his initials O.S.W are the first three letters of Oswald, which very long-time readers may recall is the name of the cyclone that caused Dean and I to cross paths in the first place. Again, this definitely wasn’t intentional, but it was these little coincidences that made it clear to us we’d made the right choice with Oscar’s name.

Naming a child is an enormous responsibility. When I was pregnant I could barely wrap my mind around just how big of a job it was. This is the name that this person will use (unless they decide they really dislike it that much) for the rest of their life. It will be a name whispered to them in late nights by parents calming them to sleep, yelled by friends exciting them for adventure, and spoken by all those who know them in the days of their life. For sure, it is no small thing to choose somebody’s name, but I think in Oscar’s case we’ve not done such a bad job.

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