Moving Again… To Melbourne!

Dean and I have never been dedicated to a single place. We’ve moved so much since we’ve been together, and so much in the years before we met, that our rental history probably makes us look like absolute crazies. But the fact is that for me, life just too me to a lot of different places. I was studying for my Bachelors degree at an online university, and there was nowhere that I really needed to be. So, I went wherever I wanted and stayed until I was bored.

What a life hey?

Well now I’m tied into a job so I can’t really just pick up and move whenever I please… unless I kinda have to. And now, we kinda have to move… again.


Yep, Dean and I recently decided that we’re going to leave behind the warm sunny tropics of Northern Australia and head all the way down to Victoria, specifically to Melbourne. To be honest, the warm and sunny is really getting to us. Well, not the sunny, but definitely the warm! Anyway, as it stands work opportunities just haven’t really presented themselves here for Dean, who is a bricklayer by trade. This probably stems from the fact that there isn’t a brick factory in Darwin, nor do people build with bricks here. Stellar choice for settling Oceana!

I’ve made better decisions. Luckily, Dean was one of them.

So come mid-April we’ll be packing our bags, ditching 90% of our stuff, and flying down to Melbourne to start our life there. I have absolutely no idea of how it will turn out, but I’m a silver linings kind of person (not really, the anxiety is killing me!). I’m just assuming it will figure itself out. What we do know is that there are lots of bricklaying jobs in Melbourne. There are also trains there, possibly leading to Dean’s lifetime dream job of working as a train driver (train geeks, am I right? 🤓).

The good news is that you can expect a lot of new stuff from me about adjusting to life in Melbourne, and seeing a lot of cool stuff. We’ve already checked in advance, and there are tonnes of geocaches there, which is always positive. I mean, what else is there in life really?

No seriously. Melbourne is a fantastic city, with a great food and entertainment scene, lots of stuff to do (particularly compared to Darwin) and heaps of different experiences for Dean and I to have. We’re really excited about exploring the city, rubbing shoulders with some hipsters, and also heading out to explore the wonderful state of Victoria. Also fantastic is that two of my favourite gal-pals ever live in Melbourne. They’ll have to do a number to beat my favourite Darwin gal-pals, so let the competition commence!

Oh, and wish us some luck. We’re gonna need it!

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    Aquila Salta
    June 13, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    Another great read. I am always amazed at how you are able to write and make your readers feel that they are just talking to a friend. Keep writing please!

    • Reply
      Oceana Setaysha
      June 14, 2017 at 9:25 am

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

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