Life’s Busy Over Here

Hey there people. Just in case you haven’t realised from the last few weeks of intermittent posting on Instagram and (oh dear) radio blog silence, life has been pretty busy over here.

Dean and I have definitely adjusted to living in Melbourne, and we’ve had a lot of lovely weekends spent walking the streets and exploring our new home state. At the same time Dean’s adjusting to being back into a daytime job (yay for the end of nightshift!) and I’m balancing being back freelancing. Add onto that I’m now a month or so into the new uni semester, figuring out my study program. Oh and I just took a trip to the NSW South Coast to see my wonderful Oma and my  mum. And we’re also heading out tomorrow for a mini road trip in honour of my birthday, which is coming up on Monday. So, yeah, there’s been a lot going on over here, which I think explains and even forgives my lack of posting!

I don’t know if this blog will ever be ‘popular’ in a traditional sense, but even if I take little breaks in between I really do enjoy writing and posting my photos here. Hopefully there are people out there also enjoying reading it! Here’s to more regular posting, and hopefully a few good shots on Instagram too!

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