Here’s To 28

Birthdays have never really been a super important thing for me. I love celebrating other people, but I find it really hard to enjoy my own birthday for some reason. In fact, the last birthday I blogged was my 25th birthday, and my usual preference is to do something fairly low-key with a few special people. This year my birthday happened to coincide with us being in Darwin to see my family, which was really nice as it’s been a while since I’ve celebrated with them.

Being the mother of a 6 month old, I sadly was not gifted a luxurious sleep in, and instead decided to head down to one of Darwin’s beautiful beaches to soak up the Dry Season weather with an outdoors breakfast. The location used to be my favourite post-beach walk coffee haunt (as evidenced by not one, but two blog features): De La Plage. It’s a gorgeous spot where you can perch on make-do tables in the sand and look out onto the endless horizon of Casuarina Beach. Really just lovely on a slightly windy August morning with the smell of the ocean in the air and a coffee in your hand. With it being my birthday, I indulged myself with French toast with lashings of maple syrup, heavily sprinkled with almonds and generously piled with mascarpone and I can tell you honestly I enjoyed every bite!

The rest of the day bobbed along with a nice long lunchtime nap and then packing everything up to head out to the sticks to see my Dad and the other side of our family for a swim in the pool, a quiet dinner and a very early night. What can I say? Mine is not a life of hard partying (or staying up after 8:30!).

I used to think about my birthday as my own personal new year, a chance to start again if I wanted to on my own terms. Now I look at it more as a chance to reflect. In a lot of ways, 12 months isn’t very long, but when I look back at where I was on my 27th birthday it’s hard to believe how much has changed. Last year Dean and I hosted a few friends for a very quiet dinner party. I cooked ‘southern’ American food, ate heartily and tried to ignore the exhaustion I was feeling in early pregnancy. I don’t think we took a single photograph. This year Dean and I were also celebrating Oscar’s half birthday, introducing our son to some of his family, and (just quietly) feeling like we are rocking being parents. Life is such a trip, and birthdays may not always be the funnest time as an adult (getting old, ugh), but they are a good time to look back on your year and assess how things are.

In my life, things are pretty bloody good.

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    August 23, 2019 at 2:02 pm

    Beautiful little family. 🙂

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      Oceana Setaysha
      August 23, 2019 at 6:04 pm

      Awww thanks Helen ❤️

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