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Half A Decade, Just Like That…

I don’t spend too much time thinking about what my life would be like without Dean, but in the brief moments it does cross my mind I often marvel at the coincidence of it. On paper, even our meeting could have been a near miss, two people passing each other unknown like ships in the night. For him, it was an adventure that started with a cyclonically flooded road on the journey down from Cairns to Brisbane that left him washed up in a little hostel in a coastal town. For me, it was the end of a week-long saga that began with torrential flooding and damaging winds, and ended with me being on the Australian mainland one day earlier than I had anticipated, in a hostel I had not intended to stop in at all. The storm at the centre of both stories was one and the same, and just like that what could have been ships in the night passing silently in the darkness instead became sparks meeting in the middle.

When I was younger, I always listened with a kind of disbelief as my Oma talked about meeting my Opa at a dance in Holland, unable to grasp that after knowing each other for such a short time they were happy to dedicate their lives to an unknown future together. Now, I understand the feeling. Over the course of a single night Dean and I met and, dare I say it, fell in love. By the following morning we were both certain that we had come across something special, and within two weeks we had made arrangements to move in together. It was a whirlwind, but we’ve settled down somewhat in the years since.

Then, quite without noticing it, five years had passed us by. Five years. A whole half decade that I have been lucky enough to spend with someone who makes me the happiest and most satisfied version of myself. Life isn’t perfect, but the good news is that I don’t need to to be. I’ve got Dean, he’s got me, and that seems to be enough for both of us.

So, here’s to five wonderful years of adventures, of celebrating high points, and getting through low points, of moving and staying still, of planning for the future, and living for right now. It has been an amazing half decade, and I’m looking forward to many, many decades more.

P.S. Dean and I are actually in the middle of moving house right now so there may be a slight delay in the blogs that eventuate over the next week or two. This will mark our seventh move in the five years we’ve been together, but unfortunately neither of us are quite experts on the process just yet. Wish us luck!

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