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Goodbye Second Trimester! {28 Weeks}

It’s official, I am 28 weeks pregnant! What an incredible 28 weeks it has been, I’m amazed at the entire thing to be honest.

Finding out I was pregnant when I was just four weeks along had some benefits, but a fair few downsides as well. The benefit was Dean and I were absolutely thrilled, and we rode that wave of happiness everywhere we went for weeks. The downside was it was so early, that every single pregnancy milestone seemed so distant, so far into the future that it was hard to imagine ever reaching it. I went only and put my expected due date into a calculator after our dating scan. The calculator gave me the milestones of pregnancy, with dates specific to me all laid out before me. It was late June or early July then, and I remember looking at the dates and thinking how long I had to wait until February when our little person would finally arrive. It felt like forever.

Of course time runs like a river, and so week after week went by and slowly I started to reach those milestones. I took time off from blogging to focus on the sheer energy that I seemed to be exerting laying down the foundations of my child’s life. I slept almost all the time, and just like that the first trimester left me behind. Then we were announcing our little passenger, and before long the halfway mark of my pregnancy had been and gone. Yes, we were halfway to meeting our baby! By the time the 25 week milestone had rolled around it seemed as though, all of a sudden, this pregnancy was moving in fast forward. I was in the middle of a teaching placement (I’m basically finished now!) and the days were rushing past me, leaving me barely enough to time catch my breath and relish the wonder that comes with growing a real life human being.

Today, I’m celebrating another pregnancy milestone: the end of my second trimester. Today I am 28 weeks pregnant, officially on the cusp of the final stage of what has been a pretty incredible little journey. It’s funny, pregnancy has felt so big and life changing to me, and to Dean, but to everyone around us life has gone on as normal. It’s amazing just how normal it seems, to do something so magical.

Excuse the super dirty mirrors and general chaos behind me there!

At 28 weeks our little boy is about as big as an eggplant, and he has finally broken the 1kg weight limit (this is an average, I think he might have busted it earlier!). He’s 37.5cm long (again, averages) and he’s more active every day. He still loves to hear the sound of people reading to him, and he’s practicing using his entire body to give me daily internal massages. We’ve been playing him music, and he’s a fan of the strings and piano, as well as an occasional love ballad. We’ve been for a few hospital visits, and we know his heartbeat is strong and steady. In two weeks we have a 3D scan where we’ll get a chance to see his little face, and Dean and I are both so excited. Technology is a wonderful thing, and we love that we have the opportunity to experience those wonders at this time in our lives.

The first trimester was a challenge, where I second-guessed my body’s ability to get through every day and break down the wall of exhaustion. By comparison, the second trimester has been a breeze, punctuated by the occasional ravenous hunger that I’m assuming indicates an impending growth spurt. At 28 weeks my belly button still hasn’t popped, but it’s stretched well beyond where I ever thought it could go. I’m still in my pre-pregnancy pants, but I do sneakily pop the top button now and then! I’m staying active (a few days ago I walked almost 12km in a single day!) but also enjoying very long naps when I can get them. Yes, it’s all about balance, and we are definitely playing both sides of the line!

So little guy, it’s just 12 weeks to go until I could have you in my arms, and maybe much less depending on whether you’re in a hurry or not. That’s just 84 days all told, and I can barely believe it. How far we’ve come from those early days, and how much growing you still have to do! Luckily you’ve got me to help you with that.

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