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Two Months

I don’t know what to do about this time business, because it’s going faster than I can keep track of. We’ve had two wonderful months now with this little peanut and it seems to have gone in the blink of an eye. .
At the same time, these last 8 weeks have been an incredible journey. Oscar is full of joy, smiles often and is working on his first giggles. He has met and loved his two grandmothers, started showing actual interest in toys and games, and graduated into the 6kg club with an upsize to 00 clothes imminent. He can recognise our faces and voices, tracks us (and his favourite toys) around the room, and loves being bounced for hours on a knee or in the bouncer. His new hairline is coming in (looks blonde!) and he has recently discovered these cool things on the end of his wrists called hands, which are great for shoving into his mouth.

Im sure another four weeks will zoom past and he’ll be laughing endlessly, reaching for toys and sleeping in lots of more than 3 hours (🤞) but for now I’m savouring the extended cooing of the almost giggles, the tiny little perpetual fists, and the many late night feeds and dawn cuddles.

Happy two months little guy 🎉

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