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Three Months

We have had 12 weeks of loving this little boy now, and they have been the most amazing and challenging of my life. So much has changed since Oscar was born, and he’s come so far again in the last four weeks that it’s hard to believe. The days might be slow (and boy those nights drag on 🌚) but it’s going so fast and I still haven’t caught up!

Oscar is now an established toy-grabber and a novice ‘everything in the mouth’ enthusiast. He’s had one episode of possible teething (no teeth yet), and he’s working on his rolling skills. He’s dipped his feet in the ocean 🌊 and taken his first road trip 🚙. Standing and sitting up (with support) is the flavour of the day and while he still isn’t gracing us with giggles, we get a lot of very big gummy smiles and screaming to let us know he’s having fun. He’s blasted past 7kg (in fact I think he’s closer to 8) and my biceps are feeling the burn 💪. Having reached the three month point Oscar is officially a graduate of the fourth trimester, although he still sleeps like a newborn (actually, it’s worse!😅). .
Who knows what the next four weeks will bring us? Perhaps a little boy who is sitting, rolling, laughing and sleeping like a dream? Well, we can only hope! 😴😁

Happy three months smiley boy!☺️🌈

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