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So This Is Christmas

It’s amazing to me to look back on last Christmas and think just how much has changed since then. Christmas is a funny little holiday, it’s one of those ones that really makes you look back, and take stock of what is different in your life, what is new. Here’s what I wrote last year:

It’s so wild for me to think that next Christmas we’ll be celebrating with a little baby, approaching his first birthday and probably with no idea what’s up with all the sparkly lights and fun things to play with at floor level. We’ll be celebrating almost a year of being parents, looking back on all the adventures that 2019 is sure to bring and imagining what will come next. We’ll be trying to take a break and soak up the slow holiday season, while also chasing around a little baby, likely crawling, and introducing all that magic to him as well.

Now, we’re on the other side of that Christmas, Oscar’s first. He definitely had no idea what was going on with the big sparkly plant that took up residence in the corner of the living room (as far as possible away from him) during this month, but he was a big fan. He particularly liked the baubles, and I’m sure I’ll be finding the ones he pulled off the tree for some weeks to come. There were lots of things to play with at floor level (we aren’t great baby proofers) and also at couch and chair level because as well as crawling our little guy is also furniture cruising around the house, preparing to walk! We did spend much of the Christmas looking back on all the amazing things we did in 2019, and thinking about how much more changed we are, and more difficult and incredibly amazing life is with this little boy in it.

Still, amongst all that I was right about our slow holiday season. We certainly tried to keep things pretty relaxed, while also entertaining our little guy. We took a walk in the morning along the Merri Creek trail, a fitting spot for us celebrating Oscar’s first Merry Christmas, and then laid low at home for the rest of the day. We cooked and we ate, and we watched Christmas movies in between playing with stacking rings and building towers out of Oscar’s stacking cups (which he relishes knocking over). We rang our families and everyone laughed at Oscar’s antics, and he showed off his Christmas pyjamas which I bought a few months ago and now barely fit him because he’s growing at such a crazy rate. Plus we played a bit of Christmas music, and laughed at Oscar dancing, and watched the lights on the Christmas tree twinkle all day long.

All up, pretty good in my books.

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope your Christmas was as enjoyable as my own. Here’s to all the changes and new opportunities that we’ll be looking back on next year!

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