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Passing Along Our Bassinet

When I was pregnant I had a vision of a little baby wrapped up in a woven-basket-style bassinet. This little baby would soundly sleep inside it and Dean and I would gaze down on them, overcome by joy. It would be multi-purpose furniture, able to be moved around our home easily and carried up and down the stairs for our sleepy babe to use at any hour of the day. Basically, I felt that I had to have it. As with most of our baby items, I was able to purchase one fairly cheaply second hand, and for a very short time that vision was a reality.

And when I say a very short time, I mean it. Because of course, Oscar only lay in it on a handful of occasions. He refused to sleep in it at all at night, and would only be in it for very short periods during the day. I couldn’t carry it up and down the stairs because I had such terrible nerve damage in my back from my labour (another story) so it languished around the house for a little while before being put in a corner and summarily ignored.

What can I say?

Life isn’t always quite like our little visions. We did look lovingly and joyfully at our baby at all times, but he much preferred sleeping on our chest and in our arms instead of inside that little woven basket. Still, the bassinet did feature in my newborn photographs, and for the week or so he was happy to lay inside it I marvelled at this tiny, fragile human being I had brought into this world.

A little while ago I sold it, and to celebrate the milestone I decided to photograph Oscar inside the bassinet again, one last time.

To be honest, I was not really expecting to be so surprised at how much Oscar has changed. Time is such a funny thing. Day to day it seems like nothing changes, and then when you look back everything is different. That tiny, fragile baby that we brought home from the hospital is now a bouncing, bonny baby boy. Now it doesn’t matter that he won’t lay in the bassinet, because he barely fits in it! No longer is he a sleepy newborn, he’s out to explore the world as best he can and life is only getting more exciting from here!

So, if I have one piece of advice for new parents: don’t be afraid to try and make your visions a reality, but don’t be surprised if they end up being more fantasy than anything. Oh, and make sure you take lots of pictures of your baby with things like bassinets to compare his size and growth, even if he never actually sleeps in them!

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