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One Month

One month of late nights and early mornings, of worry and wonder, of pain and parenthood, of tears and triumphs. I cannot believe it has been one magical month since we welcomed little Oscar into the world and into our lives. Parenthood is a big thing, and we are definitely still figuring it out. But waking up to this little guy every morning (and a few times overnight) makes all those challenges that much easier, and all those wonderful moments that much sweeter.

Oscar has changed so much in just a month, growing more alert and starting to look almost chunky (officially cracked 5kg!). He is a certified boob monster who loves being carried everywhere and isn’t sure daytime naps are entirely necessary. He’s slowly learning that nighttime is for sleeping, gas is not the end of the world, and dads chest is the warmest spot for napping. I am overwhelmed at how fast this month has gone, but I also can’t wait to see what the next few months bring!

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