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Five Months

How can I even begin to describe the immense joy, love and wonder I’m feeling at the five month mark. As always, time has been both fleeting and fickle, and before our eyes this little boy has been growing again, discovering so many amazing and wonderful new things in the world, and encouraging his dad and I to appreciate the magic of that world all the more presently ✨🌈.

Oscar is the biggest ham at the moment, always smiling with his tongue just half poking out, hinting at his adorable cheeky nature 😋. His laugh is a full belly roll, and the strangest things start him giggling, from getting an unexpected surprise to dads hilarious tickling shenanigans. Teething has slowed down altogether and we finally figured out sleeping 🙌. Our solution is far less by the book and far more by the heart, but there’s cuddles aplenty and (amazingly) even a few family sleep-ins! 😱 Oscar still isn’t that keen on rolling solo, although he’s recently figured out the leg swing for the unassisted back to belly flip. Right now though he’s far more interested in practicing his burgeoning sitting skills and showing off his flexibility by grabbing at his toes. He has taken his first trip to the museum, made a tentative ‘toe-dip’ into solids, and figured out how to pivot and push himself backwards on his belly while on his mat. All in all, a pretty action-packed month! 🤗

With a sleep solution that is finally working for us, a house full of baby giggles and cheeky gummy smiles, and a little boy who gets more and more magical every day, life is looking good. Our little boy is a firecracker, grabbing each day with so much excitement and enthusiasm it’s easy to feel inspired. More and more often I feel like we’re in for one hell of a ride, and I just can’t wait 😁. Who knows what six months will bring? I think our days of a stationary baby are growing ever shorter!

Happy five months sunshine boy 🌞💫

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