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Easter and Dressing Up

As a kid I always loved dressing up. We had an enormous chest full of dress up clothes and costumes, and my brothers and I would spend hours dressing up as all manner of things and playing pretend. There were aprons and clogs for when we wanted to be Dutch farmers, and a red tutu for I wanted to be a beautiful (if somewhat graceless) ballerina. One day, I’m sure that Oscar will have a chest full of dress up clothes, salvaged from second hand shops and fabric rag bags, but until then it’s my duty, and my privilege, to dress him up myself.

So, while Dean and I are definitely not big Easter people, I knew that I wanted (for at least the first year of Oscar’s life) to celebrate all the big milestone holidays with some kind of photograph, and that meant that when Easter came around in the calendar, a bunny outfit was absolutely necessary.

Of course, Oscar was entirely unimpressed by my vision of him as an adorable, smiling Easter rabbit. He did look at the camera (I definitely have a baby who is at the very least curious about what that large clicking piece of equipment is) but I could not for the life of me tempt a smile from that wall of stone! I did however get a very good yawn, and considering how little Oscar is I’m going to go right ahead and call that a success.

Years from now, a little boy will stand before me and staunchly refuse to dress up for his school’s Easter Parade, of that I am certain. He will be strong-willed like his parents, maybe just a little creative, and very opinionated, and I will show him these pictures and remind him that there was a time when he dressed up as an Easter rabbit and was, for the time that he wore it, the cutest Easter rabbit this side of the rabbit-proof fence.

Happy Easter folks! 🐰

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