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Early Newborn Days

There’s a quiet magic about having a newborn that is easy to get lost in. It finds itself in the quiet dawns and late night feedings. It burrows into the long, slow mornings of newborn napping and the tiny cuddles and butterfly kisses. It nestles alongside the awe and wonder of staring endlessly at this little person who is in one breath everything you could have dreamed of and so much more than you ever might have imagined.

Of course there are challenges too. As we relish the amazing new person in our arms there are other things baying at the door. Lack of sleep. Troubles with breastfeeding. The obstacles of recovering from a difficult birth. All of these things want to command our attention, but none of them can really drown out the sparkling joy of seeing a human being spend their first weeks on this planet. For me, it is a privilege I struggle to assign words to. A kind of special miracle that happens in our messy bedroom and cluttered lounge, as we muddle our way through the early days of parenting, catching ourselves all too often just staring at the bundle in our arms, and wondering how we got so lucky.

For those of you wanting an update, I’ll say that Oscar is doing very well and we are all adjusting to our life together. As far as newborn babies go, and admittedly I’m not an expert, Oscar is a joy. He does all the things one would expect of a little baby, but as he is our little baby everything small action seems to be it’s own moment of wonder, and boy oh boy do we love it. Every yawn, every stare and every stretch. Every hiccup and sleepy giggle. To us, it is all wonderfully and inexplicably magic.

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