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Dreaming of Oscar’s Future

It’s a crazy thing to look at the baby in your arms and think that one day he’ll be a fully fledged adult living his own life (if we do our jobs of course!). Right now his future is a changing thing, it isn’t set and there’s no real telling where it will end up. As a parent there’s a big job ahead, to raise someone who has the confidence and the skills to take anything that comes their way. Of course this isn’t something that you succeed or fail at in one breath. Luckily we have Oscar’s whole life to help him grow into the amazing human being that we already see in his baby personality. Still, it’s also fun to dream.

Dean always dreamed that he would one day be a pilot. Life didn’t quite work out towards that goal for him, but he is still a passionate plane watcher and has a love for all things aviation. While we only want what is best for Oscar in his life, as a parent you can’t help but wonder if your children will pick up on any of your dreams that fell by the wayside. For Dean, this means dreaming that one day Oscar might be a pilot, criss-crossing the globe in a plane of his own and loving every second of the journey. That’s a long way off, for sure, but all dreams start that way, far off into the distance.

For now I’m happy with just the dream, and all the other dreams that we can entertain as we watch this little boy grow. My hope is that, whatever he chooses to be in his life, he is happy and satisfied as much as possible.

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