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An Excuse To Get Dressed Up

It’s not that often Dean and I have an excuse to get dressed up. In fact, during the length of our relationship I can only really think of a few times we’ve actually done so. Alongside the anniversaries we’ve managed to rouse ourselves out of shorts and singlets, there has been:

  • one fancy birthday party (Dean’s mum’s 50th, I had a broken elbow and don’t remember the event at all),
  • one wedding (I didn’t bring my camera, because I wasn’t the photographer, and we have one phone picture),
  • one trip to the theatre (was so overwhelmed by the Lion King I didn’t take any pictures of us at all).

Otherwise we live in our shorts and our thongs, our jeans and our jumpers, our muddy hiking boots and our well-worn second hand favourites. Hell, we got engaged on a clifftop in the dark, barefoot under the stars, almost in pyjamas!

Getting dressed up has never been a super important thing to us, even though it’s nice every now and again strictly from a photography point of view. So the other day when we were invited to the baptism of a friend of ours, I took the opportunity to dress up (in matching outfits) and capture a few decent pictures of us with Oscar.

The photo on the right is my new favourite. I just love everything about it. The bursts of florals in my dress (an op shop find, brand new and just $9!), Oscar’s little front curl and funny smile, the way he has his hand resting on my chest. It makes my heart so happy.

My two boys. Dean actually dressed in a collared shirt and looking stunning, Oscar with his chunky little legs and his new favourite habit of swelling his chest out all the time. Ah, it’s a good life this one.

You’ll notice of course that there aren’t any pictures of the three of us together. Sigh, boy it’s hard to organise that! We were standing in front of the gorgeous church and it would have been the perfect setting, but there wasn’t anyone I really felt like I could ask to take the picture, and I hadn’t carted my tripod around for the event. Oh well, on this occasion it didn’t happen, but we’ll get there at some point, and maybe we’ll even be dressed up when it happens!

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