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9 Months

How has this happened so fast? This coming month Oscar will have existed as long in the world as he was in the womb. This feels like the beginning of a new chapter, and the end of an old one. Oscar’s babyhood is rapidly approaching its end, and I don’t know if I’m ready 😭.

It’s been a blur the last few weeks of learning new skills and improving old ones. Sleep has well and truly gone out the window sadly, but it’s (almost 😅) worth it when we see how far Oscar has come. He has his own unique version of crawling, which is a mix between the leap frog 🐸 and an army crawl, and he is accomplished at standing with handheld support, even practicing holding on with just one hand 🤚 and standing on one foot 🦶🏼. Oscar can pull himself up almost anywhere now, and he’s started coasting around the edges of his play pen 💪. He’s also recently learned how to bum shuffle in circles 🔁 Finally, after nine long months of teething, he has one teeny tiny tooth 🦷, with another currently on the way 🎉! Still a swing and bird 🐥aficionado, Oscar is working hard on trying to tell us just how much he loves things with a variety of interesting consonants 💬, but no clear words just yet. Oh, and to add to his cuddly hugs, Oscar can now give open-mouth kisses with lots of drool 🤤💋!

This month has been hard, but good as well. First full family illness (Oscar’s first flu). First crawling. First teeth. First block of 8 hrs sleeping (just happened once but still 🙌). First real overwhelming feeling that we’re doing this alone, without the help of our families. First little steps. Oscar is full of excitement and curiosity, and we’re trying to overcome our exhaustion and get on that train as well 🚂. Life is pretty cool through the eyes of someone new, and we’re loving our fresh perspective on the world 🌏.

Happy nine months bouncy boy 😁


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