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8 Months

It seems like I am just getting used to telling people Oscar’s age when suddenly he’s older again. Eight months. It feels surreal to be here with this boisterous and wonderful human being at my side, but I also couldn’t imagine being anywhere else 😍.

Oscar was working hard on trying to figure out crawling, but then he realised standing was better and now he’s focusing more on that instead 😅. He is always wanting to practice pulling up on mum, dad, and the playpen, getting stronger every day 💪. Oscar is still flashing those gummy grins (teeth where are you?! 😬), still laughing like life is the best thing ever (let’s face it he’s not wrong 🙌) and still eating like it’s going out of fashion 🍴(a baby after his parents’ own heart). Sleep is boring and best done in short bursts 😴, yelling is awesome and best done at great volume 📣, and swings are the funnest part of the playground now that Oscar has learned to hold onto the chain 🤩. Oh and birds, he knows what they are and he loves them big time 🐦. Oscar is also experiencing some hardcore separation anxiety, but to help mum and dad deal with it he has recently learned to give super cuddly hugs 🤗.

Being a parent I sometimes feel like just when I’m totally confident I’m getting things right, everything changes. I guess it’s a baby’s job to keep us in a state of constant discovery and learning, just like they are with the world around them. Oscar’s awareness is always growing, and his curiosity for the world seems never ending. That’s a kind of magic I feel lucky to have in my life ✨💫. Eight months in and I already feel like it’s been a lifetime with this special little guy. Glad we’re only just getting started.

Happy eight months cuddly boy 🥰


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