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7 Months

I feel like, now that we’re past the halfway mark, life is moving even quicker again than it was before. It’s almost as if we’re rolling faster and faster down this amazing rollercoaster that has been Oscar’s first year. We’re not at the end yet, but so far the trip has been simply amazing ✨. 

Oscar is big into movement and noise these days. He loves to swing his arms, kick his legs, stomp his feet, drum his hands and scream the whole house down 💥. He’s a wriggler, so changing his nappy and dressing him is a bit like wrestling a slippery crocodile 🐊🤪. He is working so hard on actually getting moving, but so far he can only turn around in circles and push himself backwards 🔁. There’s STILL no teeth 😩, but we have our fingers crossed for some teething relief in month seven! Oscar is still the most joyful baby on the block, loving nothing more than flashing cheeky smiles and sharing his wonderful laughter with others 😁🌈. Food is the highlight of his day, and Oscar has moved onto finger foods and feeding himself 🥄, which is super fun for him (and super messy for mum 😬). Sitting is a breeze, and standing (with support) is a new and exciting way to view the world 🤩😲. 

As the months pass, I feel like we’re pulling back the layers of this little boy’s amazing personality, at the same time as watching it grow and develop before our very eyes 💫. Spending time with Oscar is exhausting and exciting in the same breath. It encourages me to see the world through totally new eyes, change my perspective, and approach life with the kind of raucous joyful abandon that permeates Oscar’s every waking moment 😚.  Each day is a new adventure, and I’m constantly reminding myself just how lucky I am to be along for this ride 🙌. Yes, the future is bright and golden with this little guy in our lives ☀️. 

Happy seven months smiley boy ☺️😘. 


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